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June 2010

Shell lodges new plan for gas pipeline

Lorna Siggins - Irish Times

FIVE YEARS after the jailing of the Rossport Five, Shell has lodged a new planning application showing its Corrib gas pipeline route will not cross any land in the north Mayo village.

Full details of the third proposed routing for the last link in the project are due to be published on the internet today.

The details will also be available for inspection at the offices of Shell and An Bord Pleanála in Dublin, and Mayo County Council offices in Castlebar and Belmullet.

Harrington home after weekend in jail

Áine Ryan - Mayo News

VETERAN anti-Corrib gas campaigner Maura Harrington (pictured) was released yesterday afternoon from Mountjoy jail, where she had spent the weekend for non-payment of fines, relating to the protest.
The retired national school teacher’s latest stint behind bars is her fifth incarceration during the past 18 months.
Ms Harrington was arrested after she left a funeral in her home village of Dohooma on Friday last.

Lenihan's claims of absolute safety are nonsense, say Shell to Sea

--- BP CEO Tony Hayward vowed in 2007 to “focus like a laser on a safe and reliable operations” ---
--- BP CEO Tony Hayward stated in 2010 Gulf oil spill "should never have happened" ---

Shell to Sea today criticised Minister of State for Natural Resources Conor Lenihan for stating that a Gulf of Mexico-type pollution incident could never happen in Ireland.[1]

The Sedco 711 drilling rig, which is owned by Transocean, is currently drilling for oil & gas off the coast of Mayo after being commissioned by Shell, Statoil and Vermillion.  Transocean also owned the Deepwater Horizon rig which exploded in the Gulf of Mexico, leading to the deaths of 11 workers and at least 80 million gallons of oil being released so far.

Shell due to start work next week

Stop Shell - Indymedia

Things are getting very busy here - after a peaceful June Gathering the camp is once more set to become a focal point for resisting Shell pipeline work. Shell are due in the estuary any day now to drill 80 boreholes - pipeline survey work that should take all summer. Yesterday we shut down the Shell office in Belmullet. Today Maura Harrington was jailed for non payment of fines. Niall and Pat are still in jail. Generally it seems that lots of people are wising up to the oil industry in the wake of the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico....

Letter from Bob Jones, Southwestern Fisheries Organisation, Gulf Coast, U.S.

'The Pipe' The Film

This is a response I got in answer to a general invitation I put out to people involved in the fishing industry on the US Gulf Coast, to come to Ireland to attend the premier of ‘The Pipe’, so that they may share their experiences of the BP oil spill on their livelihoods, and generally contribute to the wider global debate on the relationship between large Oil Companies and local communities.


Thank you for the information concerning Shell Oil Company’s heavy-handed treatment of Irish citizens who don’t want Shell’s pipeline on their property. Shell Oil, like BP and other members of the international oil cartel, is a bully. They do whatever it takes to get their way and are very good at it. That’s the story the film tells and I can’t wait to see it.

Gulf of Mexico-type pollution disaster could not happen here, says Minister

Lorna Siggins - Irish Times

A DEEPWATER Horizon-type pollution incident could never happen in Ireland, due to the Government’s monitoring of offshore drilling, Minister of State for Natural Resources Conor Lenihan has said.

Shell EP Ireland’s drilling programme off the west coast this summer will also be “closely monitored” and the rig hired by the company will be “inspected thoroughly”, Mr Lenihan has said.

Shell to Sea protestor arrested

Shane Creevy -

Arrest comes as Shell To Sea campaign digs the sand in search for Corrib pipe. By Shane Creevy.

Protest at Mountjoy for Maura Harrington

Andrew - Dublin Shell to Sea

Corrib campaigner arrested at funeral

The Irish Times

Shell to Sea campaigner Maura Harrington has been jailed for non-payment of fines imposed after convictions relating to Corrib gas protests.

Ms Harrington was arrested yesterday when she was leaving a funeral in Doohoma, Co Mayo, where she lives.

She was taken to Mountjoy prison in Dublin last night. It is the fifth time she has been jailed in the past 18 months.

Shell Corrib protesterMaura Harrington jailed again

John Donovan - Royal Dutch Shell

Maura Harrington, a local Shell to Sea campaigner was arrested on her way home yesterday from a funeral in Mayo, and taken to prison for refusing to pay fines relating to ‘offences’ while engaged in protests against Shell’s experimental raw gas pipeline and inland refinery.