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February 2010

Press Release: Shell starting to recognise that inland refinery is not viable

Major rally planned for jailed fisherman Pat O’Donnell at GPO, Dublin on Saturday at 2pm 


Shell’s decision to suspend key parts of its work on the Corrib Gas project is the beginning of a recognition by the company that its experimental inland refinery project is “not going to work”, according to the Shell to Sea campaign. 

“Shell is finally conceding that it cannot steamroll ahead with a dangerous project against the wishes of the receiving community,” Dublin Shell to Sea spokesperson Caoimhe Kerins said. 


“Although this announcement is a significant victory for the local community, other major works will still be going ahead, while fisherman Pat O’Donnell is out of Shell’s way in prison. This means that 2010 is set to be another year of disruption for the community, continued harassment and intimidation by Gardai and Shell security, as well as the unlawful arrest and the targeted jailing of key campaigners.” 

Jailing of Pat O’Donnell an outrageous attack on the right to protest

Joe Higgins - MEP

The jailing of Shell to Sea protestor, Pat O’Donnell, for an incredible seven months is an outrageous attack on the right to protest. Contrary to the statement of Judge Raymond Groarke, Pat O’Donnell is no thug or bully – he is a hero for standing up to Shell to defend the safety of his community.

Protests at Shell HQ against jailing of fisherman Pat O'Donnell

Andrew - WSM - Anarkismo

 Over 50 Shell to Sea campaigners gathered at the Shell head quarters in Leeson street Dublin Tuesday evening to protest at the jailing of 52 year old Erris fisherman Pat O'Donnell for resisting Shell's experimental gas pipeline.

Shell confirms key parts of Corrib gas project postponed

Lorna Siggins - Irish Times

 SHELL EP Ireland has confirmed that work on several key aspects of the Corrib gas project will not now take place this year.

The company told The Irish Times yesterday that the decision was taken for “operational and community reasons”.

It will undertake further work on the offshore pipeline this year, but intends to take an “integrated approach” to the offshore/onshore dimension next year, when it hopes that “permitting processes” will be “further advanced”.

In a letter to stakeholders issued by Shell managing director Terry Nolan, he says that the laying of the 84m umbilical, which provides the link between the Ballinaboy terminal and the Corrib field for remote control of subsea gas production facilities, will be postponed until next year.

Shell Ireland: Nigeria North

David Rovics

Ireland: The Arrest of Pat O'Donnell

In a country with the kind of tumultuous history that Ireland has it's not surprising that a man being arrested and jailed for seven months would escape the notice of the media, at least outside of Ireland. What should hopefully pique some interest is that this is a man with a long history of being bullied, intimidated, arrested and treated roughly by the authorities for his nonviolent resistance against Shell Oil's construction of a gas pipeline, and now the judge is calling him a bully and jailing him for seven months on the extremely dubious charge of intimidating an officer.

Controversy over Corrib gas - Irish Times Letter

Eilis Murphy - IT Letters

 Madam, – In an otherwise excellent commentary on the Corrib gas dispute (Opinion, February 16th), Fintan O’Toole writes that the “terms under which Shell got ownership of the gas field are unacceptable: this has been tacitly acknowledged by the Government in the way it has altered those terms for the future”, implying the wholesale giveaway of Ireland’s oil and gas has been stemmed.

Shell gets extra €80m to complete Corrib plan

Gordon Deegan - Irish Independent

 Shell Ireland has received a fresh €80m cash injection to finish works to allow gas to be taken from the Corrib gas field.

Audio: Shell to Sea protests against jailing of fisherman Pat O'Donnell at Shell HQ

Andrew - WSM - Indymedia

 Over 50 Shell to Sea campaigners gathered at the Shell head quarters in Leeson street Dublin this evening to protest at the jailing of Erris fisherman Pat O'Donnell for resisting Shell's experimental gas pipeline.

Ryan's madness and folly in Corrib row

Fintan O'Toole - Irish Times

Vindication of the protesters has created the opportunity to find a political solution, but the Minister is spurning it, writes FINTAN O'TOOLE 

YOU MAY have seen or heard reports that an explosion in a natural gas pipeline, so large that people thought it was an earthquake, killed five people in Connecticut the weekend before last. This was an obvious hoax. It could not have happened.

Natural gas pipelines are completely safe, and people who think otherwise are headbangers, cranks and subversives.

Last November, something interesting happened. It turned out that the headbangers of the Erris peninsula, the “extremists” who have been blocking the completion of Shell’s Corrib Gas project, were neither crazy nor extreme. An Bord Pleanála wrote to Shell’s planners, rejecting the proposed route for half of the gas pipeline, in terms that largely vindicated the protesters.

Shell Corrib Gas - Who are the real Thugs & Bullies?

Niall Harnett - Shell to Sea / Rossport Solidarity Camp

A number of high profile Shell to Sea campaigners including 'the Chief' Pat O'Donnell and Maura Harrington sought to appeal certain criminal convictions in cases heard last week at Castlebar Circuit Court from 9th - 11th February. A few of the appeals were successful but some of the convictions were upheld by the court.

Judge Raymond Groarke concluded that Pat O'Donnell is a thug and a bully, and Maura Harrington is a vigilante.

This article has a look at the reality.