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February 2010

Gormley 'should protect conservation area', say Shell to Sea

Shell to Sea have called on Minister for Environment John Gormley to protect the environment and turn down Shell's application for a Foreshore Licence which would entail carrying out destructive surveying works in Sruwaddacon Estuary. Sruthwaddacon estuary is a Special Protection Area (SPA) and forms part of the Glenamoy Bog Complex Special Area for Conservation (SAC). The closing date for submissions was Tuesday, 23rd February.

In the application, Shell propose to drill up to 80 boreholes over a period of five to seven months.

Rossport: Lobster Plot


Shell to Sea campaigner and fisherman Pat O Donnell, aka ‘the chief’, received a seven month prison sentence last Thursday for breach of the peace and obstructing a Garda. Pat has consistently spoken out against the Corrib Gas Project and the collusion between Royal Dutch Shell and the Irish Government and has refused to be silenced despite violent attacks on him and his boat.

Shell retreats as solidarity with Pat O'Donnell continues

Andrew Flood

Round up of events in Dublin and a personal view of the progress of the campaign

The week before last Erris fisherman Pat O'Donnell was jailed for seven months for his part in the communities ongoing resistance to Shell's attempt to impose an experimental gas pipeline on them. Across the country local Shell to Sea groups have been holding solidarity protests and other events for Pat. In Dublin this has included two protests and a public meeting in UCD. Meanwhile Shell have been forced to admit a temporary defeat in the face of local opposition and call off the construction they have planned for Glengad this year.

Senior garda will not be disciplined over Corrib protest

Lorna Siggins, The Irish Times

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

LORNA SIGGINS Western Correspondent

THE GARDA Síochána has rejected a recommendation by the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission that disciplinary action be taken against a senior officer in relation to the handling of a Corrib gas-related protest in north Mayo.

Erris News - February 2010

Betty & Paul




Pat O'Donnell is conveniently stuck in jail

Paul Lynch

SIR – The jailing of Pat O’ Donnell, local Mayo fisherman and objector to the Corrib Gas project, is an outrage.

He has been sentenced to seven months in prison for obstructing and intimidating gardaí. Compare this with the likely punishment of a senior garda for an incident at Pullathomas pier near Rossport in 2007 that injured over 20 people.

According to the Garda Ombudsman, the likely sanction includes a reduction in pay not exceeding two weeks’ pay; a reprimand; a warning; a caution; or advice. The disparity between the penalties is shockingly unjust.

Mary O`Donnell interview

Madam K - Indymedia

Mary speaks about her husband's jailing.

Local Erris fisherman Pat O`Donnell was jailed for seven months on 10 /02/2010 for convictions of breach of the peace and of "obstructing a Garda .

Mary speaks about her husband, a local hero, the devestating effect Shell has had on the local community and the events which see him serving seven months in jail.

We’re with you Pat…

  •  “Pat O’Donnell – Hero and Friend” 
  • “We will never, ever, let them break us down”
  • “The only thing I see that makes me proud to be Irish these days is the incorruptible and steely determined efforts of those in the shell to sea campaign in spite of the whole weight of shell, the media and the judiciary bearing down on them. Lets all help and support them in any way we can.”
  • “To be honest I really don’t know what to say. Too many of us just take whatever the state doles out. It takes a lot of guts to be the one to stand up and be counted. I really hope you have the success you deserve.”

Garda complaint letter misdirected

Lorna Siggins - Irish Times

 AN INDEPENDENT candidate in last year’s European elections has raised concerns about receiving confidential Garda Síochána correspondence which was addressed mistakenly to another party.