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April 2005

"Leinster House, calling Leinster House, can you hear? This is Mayo calling!"

Michael Cunningham's article published in Mayo Association Yearbook 2002
Norway has around four million of a population. They, like Ireland, only got their independence at the beginning of the twentieth century. This is their story! An indicator on how our hydrocarbon resources off our County of Mayo coast should be exploited to benefit all the people of this little country over whom you rule! Norway also is a small country, but fully realises the potential riches off its western shores.

THE CORRIB GAS TRAIL – THE JURY IS OUT (report from An Bord Pleanála hearings)

By Liamy McNally


The Corrib gas oral hearing is the longest running oral hearing in the history of An Bord Pleanála. It crossed the Rubicon at lunchtime on Monday on its twenty-first day. It was probably the longest oral hearing long before Monday if one just counted the hours it has been sitting since it was reconvened on November 25th after its initial opening for two weeks last February.

Gas Lads - Indepth report from Magill (2002)

Sandra Mara - Magill

The politicians who sold Ireland's family silver in the great oil and gas give-away
The massive finds of oil and gas on our western seaboard could ensure Ireland's financial security for generations. Wealth approximating that of the Arab countries is within our grasp, but the Irish government seems content to sell off our birthright for a handful of votes and a few dollars.